Winter's Howl BO

The Winter's Howl

Winter's Howl is a Wonder Weapon introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is found on the zombie map "Five" and the Call of Duty: Black Ops version of Verruckt. It fires a blizzard of ice that affects zombies. After a predetermined amount of hits (it takes more on later rounds, and it takes less with the Pack-A-Punched version), a zombie begins to show signs of freezing such as water vapor in the air and slowing down. The shot also causes some damage to the zombie. If the zombie is hit again while slowed, it is stopped in its tracks and is encased in an ice cube. The zombie is immediately dead when it's been frozen. If left for a few seconds, shot, or walked into, the "ice cube" will shatter. The normal version holds 6 rounds and has 24 spare rounds. When Pack-a-Punched to become Winter's Fury, it has 9 rounds per magazine with 36 spare rounds, with a longer freeze time and more power.

The Winter's Howl, and the Winter's Fury are best used as support or emergency weapons. The range is very long, but there is a small delay before the shot reaches its target, similar to the Ray Gun and explosive weapons. The effect is also vision-blocking, and can be detrimental to the aim of teammates. As rounds progress it takes more shots to freeze zombies. By round 50, it can take up to two magazines to completely freeze one zombie.