Shrieker Zombies are a variant of zombie found in the map Shangri-La. They have a whitish-blue glow to their appearance along with pale white skin, and blind the players by shrieking at them. They appear in the normal rounds. They spawn by blasting their way out of the ground with a sonic screech, so chances are you'll hear a Shrieker before you see them. They also sprint constantly at a high rate of speed similar to that of the sprinting zombies in Verrückt, Call of the Dead, and Moon.


  • If the player shoots a Shrieker in the head whilst it is screaming, all zombies' heads near it will explode.
  • The Shrieker Zombie is affected by Insta-Kill and Nuke.
  • Neither the Napalm Zombie nor the Shrieker Zombie count towards the regular round system.
  • The scream from the Shrieker Zombie visually resembles a Thundergun shot.
  • The Shrieker Zombie can spawn in as soon as Round 4.