Samuel J. Stuhlinger is a playable character in the Zombies game mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Before the events at Green Run, Samuel met Russman and the two used a bus to traverse through the area safely. Later, Samuel and Russman stopped at a town where they rescue Misty and Marlton from a zombie horde. The four fought the zombies together until Edward Richtofen teleported them to Shanghai, China.

In Die Rise's opening cutscene, it is revealed that he has eaten the flesh of an unknown arm, which he has kept a secret from the other characters, claiming they would kill him if they found out. It is likely that the flesh was that of a zombie as he has the ability to hear Richtofen, remarks that he is hungry after killing zombies and make zombie-like groans frequently in Die Rise.

In Buried, Samuel is still able to hear Richtofen, but shows less symptoms of being a zombie. Upon completing Richtofen's path in all Easter eggs for TranZit, Die Rise and Buried, Richtofen will join Samuel in his body and when Richtofen speaks, Samuel's eyes becomes blue.


Samuel takes an appearance of a Caucasian man with a mustache, charcoal sweater, green vest, khaki shorts and glasses. He has short, grey hair, and appears to be slightly overweight. He also wears near-knee length socks.


Samuel is extremely paranoid and seems to be a conspiracy theorist. He is frustrated with the lack of explanations to the events that occur and thus creating his own theories, often involving aliens or government cover-ups. Riddled with guilt due to his history of cannibalism, Samuel does not like to talk about himself around the others out of fear that the characters will either kill him or abandon him if they knew.