Napalm Zombies are a variant of zombies that are featured in the zombie map Shangri-La. They take the appearance of a humanoid zombie, but look burnt and have a flaming aura.


When the Napalm Zombie spawns, it emerges from a patch of flames that spawns on the ground. Napalm Zombies have a higher damage threshold and take significantly more bullets to dispose of than normal zombies. Napalm Zombies explode violently upon death, leaving behind a small patch of napalm that will harm players and zombies if touched. But this can be used to the players advantage: if a player can run up to the Napalm Zombie and back up quickly while in a narrow choke-hold that a lot of zombies go through, the zombie will explode with minimal damage to the player(s) while killing all zombies that go though the fire.

When a player is near a Napalm Zombie, the outer edges of their screen will turn orange, the same way it does when walking through a fire trap in "Kino Der Toten" or "Ascension". If a player is too close to a Napalm Zombie, it will explode and can kill the player even if they have Juggernog if they are close enough.