Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a random weapon generator that appears in all Zombies maps with the exception of Dead Ops Arcade.


The Mystery Box takes an appearance of a wooden box (this does not apply to Mob of the Dead as it uses another texture) with two flashing question marks. A blue beam can be seen emitted from the Mystery Box, yellow for Shi No Numa, red in Mob of the Dead and none in Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt.

To acquire a weapon from the Mystery Box, players are required to have at least 950 points and are to to stand close to it and press the "use" button. Once pressed, the Mystery Box will open and the randomization of weapons starts until it chooses a weapon. If the weapon is not picked up within 10 seconds, the weapon will return into the Mystery Box. When used too often, a teddy bear (a lock in Mob of the Dead) will appear, forcing the Mystery Box to move places (the teddy bear or lock does not appear on Natch Der Untoten, the box can not move at all).


In Nacht der Untoten, the Mystery Box is located in the "Help Room" and will never move. Verrückt is the first map to have the Mystery Box move and is the only map for the empty Mystery Box spawns to be rubble instead of three boxes with a teddy bear on top of them except for Mob of the Dead which uses a small, raised platform. In Verrückt, its original spawn is in the generator room. In Shi No Numa, its original spawn is located in the room below the spawn room. In Der Riese, its spawn is in front of the generator. In Kino der Toten, "Five", Call of the Dead and Moon, it spawns in several set locations. In Shangri-La, it spawns either at the waterfall or next to one of the water geysers underground near the pad. In TranZit, its original spawn is inside the gas station at the Diner.