Marlton Johnson is a playable character in the Zombies game mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Not much is known about Marlton before the Zombies incident. At some point, he met Misty. The duo then fought against the zombies in a town in Hanford until they were picked up by Russman and Samuel J. Stuhlinger in a bus. The four were then contacted by Dr. Ludvig Maxis who instructs them to activate the Pylon. However, Stuhlinger started to hear Edward Richtofen's voice in his head, instructing him to activate the Pylon with his own methodology for unknown purposes.

After the Pylon was activated, the four were teleported by Richtofen to a skyscraper in Shanghai, China. After witnessing Russman being killed, Misty, Marlton and Stuhlinger continued to defend themselves until they were killed as well. However, Richtofen would then rewind the events, so that the group could carry out his tasks. Here, Maxis and Richtofen continued to give the four survivors instructions to activate another tower.

After the task was accomplished, the four traveled on foot towards Africa. They set up camp in the desert, planning what to do next. The day after, the survivors proceeded to "the rift", and ended up in an underground Western town.


His appearance is of a stereotypical nerd in his twenties. He wears a white-collared shirt, blue jeans, glasses, and nice brown shoes accessorized with a pocket protector and a wrist calculator. He is covered in soot and has a few tears in his pants. He also wears a loose tie. 


Marlton prefers to use advanced vocabulary and thinks of himself as intellectually superior to the characters. He is often pedantic and smug although quite self-conscious. Marlton is very knowledgeable about weapons, often reeling off facts and critiques on the guns he acquires from the Mystery Box.

Marlton suffers from claustrophobia, which is the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms; as well as mysophobia, which is the fear of contamination and germs. 

Marlton likes Misty, dislikes Samuel and despises Russman even more. He has a strong emotional attachment to Misty and often compliments her. Misty has a crush on Marlton, and he seems to reciprocate those feelings somewhat despite claiming he feels no emotion, and explains that he has a special relationship with her. In Die Rise, he says that he would die for her.