House is the first Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS).

Room InfomationEdit

First Room (Starting Room)Edit

In here, the M14 can be found for 1800 points and the M1891/59 for 300 points, but it is recommended that the player use the Throwing Knife because zombies in the first round are still weak. There are a total of five windows in this room and each one with a barricade.

Second RoomEdit

This room contains a Mystery Locker (DS version of the Mystery Box) which can be purchased for 950 points and an M16 that can be purchased for 2500 Points and also a Remington 870 for 1200 points. After this room is opened, Hellhounds will start to spawn. There is also a door which leads to the second floor which costs 10000 points.

Second Floor (Final Room)Edit

In this room the player can find the PPSh-41 for 5000 points and a M16 with a Grenade Launcher is also available for 7500 points, as well as an XM22 and a M79. Grenades are also available for purchase.