Gersch Device Edit

824px-Gersch Device Operation BO
The Gersch Device (also referred to as Project Mercury by Dr. Gersch) is a tactical grenade that appears on the zombie maps Ascension and Moon.

The Gersch Device can only be obtained through the Mystery Box for 950 points, and three are received when found. When thrown, it creates a small singularity that will slowly pull all the zombies that are present on the map towards it, killing them upon impact with the singularity, awarding the player 50 points per zombie, or 130 points if the player holds the Ballistic Knife on Ascension. A player can dive or jump (but not walk or sprint) into the black hole, which will then teleport the player to a random location.

The Gersch Device takes up the player's tactical grenade slot. It is one of two tactical Grenades inAscension, the other being the Matryoshka Dolls. It is also one of two tactical Grenades in Moon as well, the other being the QED. The player cannot possess both; if the player attempts to takeMatryoshka Dolls or the QED, any remaining Gersch Devices will be swapped.

The Gersch Device is an extremely effective weapon to be drawn from the Mystery Box as it can kill a line of Zombies without hassle and gives the players a short break from the zombies. This weapon is also effective if one wants to revive a downed teammate without being attacked (similar to Monkey Bombs). The Gersch Device is a major component of both the Casimir Mechanism and Richtofen's Grand Scheme Easter Eggs.

Trivia Edit

  • When a Gersch Device is activated, it will start pulling every single zombie on the map, but since it only lasts 10 seconds, it will release them before pulling them in. Zombies closer to the device will be pulled more strongly.
  • Space Monkeys will run and jump into the black hole willingly. However, this only teleports them and does not kill them and will not give the player points when doing so.
  • According to the radios around the map, the Gersch Device was not originally meant to be used as a "black hole bomb", but as a portable teleporter.
  • Awful Lawton bolts appear to override the Gersch Device.
  • When a Gersch Device is thrown outside of the playable area, the device will not activate and will not be refunded. While this happens, the player can hear Samantha laughing, just as when the Mystery Box moves.