Element 115 came from the form of a meteorite it can be blue or green found mainly in origins . They can be found all around the map. Origins is the main map for zombies and may be the greatest Easter egg for all zombie maps. This can also be found in many other maps. In real life element 115 is a reddish color itss useless pretty much. You will find this element very useful in maps found in the later rounds of town you can place it on the the ground like the monkey bomb all near bye zombies will go to it until it is destroyed. But were missing something ahh yes Dr Edward Richtofen and Dr Ludwig Maxis. Richtofen had a plan for war he wanted to use element 115. But one day it all went wrong Richtofens men were mining for more but only disturbed the dead and it was up to 4 soldiers to defeat them one American, Russian, Japanese, and German there names were Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belenski, Takeo Masaki, and Dr Richtofen. It spread from Germany all the way to the pentagon so 115 I find very interesting do you???