The Cosmic Sliverback

The Cosmic Silverback is a zombie silverback gorilla in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map Dead Ops Arcade.

Dead Ops ArcadeEdit

The Cosmic Silverback is the primary antagonist of Dead Ops Arcade, where he serves as the final boss at round 40. He will also appear at the end of a round, usually every five rounds, in an attempt to kill the players; he can be deterred at these times if the player(s) shoot at him and keep their distance, or if they move to the next round. He will appear again when the players see their final scores after they all run out of lives, this time crushing the player with the highest score and stealing all of their treasure.


  • According to the game, the Cosmic Silverback has many brothers.
  • He has a lot of detail for an enemie we don't really see this could mean he was going to be in a level but cut for unkown reasons.
  • When it appears on a round with an invincibility ring, one can still shoot it and make it shed blood, but not bring it any closer to death.
  • A player can get a picture of the Cosmic Silverback's face for an emblem.
  • A picture of the Cosmic Silverback can be seen on the back of a book in "Five" while noclipping. It describes an ape being sent to the moon and returning to Earth.
  • On the Cosmic Silverback's jump-pack, one can see USSR's logo, meaning he was originally sent to the moon by the Soviets.
  • Unlike other undead, the Cosmic Silverback's eyes do not seem to glow. This trait is shared with the Zombie Monkeys on Shangri-La.
  • On the Xbox Live Marketplace, players can buy a Cosmic Silverback costume for their avatar, costing 400 MS Points.