Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is the second Black Ops. It is the first Call of Duty game to ever introduce DLC weapons with the Peacekeeper mk 2 in Dlc 1. There were a total of 10 maps (TranZit, bus depot, town, farm, diner, Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried and Origins) and multiple game modes (survival and grief as well as turned which was the exclusive mode for diner). Black ops 2 was the first game to break away from using the original crew. On Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried, they had the tranzit Crew (Misty, Marlton, Samuel, and Russman) as well as different government organizations (The CDC and CIA). There was also him and denizens for tranzit, the jumping jacks for Die Rise, and the giant for Buried (these are all bosses, excluding the giant who is a friendly AI). For Mob of the dead, they had the crew of Michael "finn" O'leary, Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca, Al "The Weasel" Arlington, and Billy Handsome (a non-playable enemy of Brutus was introduced as a boss zombie). Mob of the dead is were Modern zombies was born and first took shape.

Then there was Origins which is where Modern Zombies took over. There was the origins crew (the younger versions of the original crew from another universe) and they had a new starting weapon (The mauser), they had the staffs (Fire, Wind, Ice, and lightning), there was the tank, the maxis drone, the zombie shield, the generators, the 115 fist (with it's elemental upgrade), the Crazy place, and more.