AZ Boss HD

Astronaut Zombies are a type of zombies that appear on the map Moon.


They violently explode upon death, sending the player flying many meters back, even in normal gravity. If there are any zombies in its close proximity when it is killed, they will die, not unlike Crawler Zombies' deaths (albeit a much larger radius). They have a red player's name, always one of the host's friends (unless on solo), above them in an attempt to trick the player into disregarding them. On solo, it uses random names that will change every time it spawns. Those names are usually names of famous people, or members of the Treyarch staff's names. They grab and headbutt the player, causing them to teleport to a random point on the map; in so doing, it will take a random perk and at the same time damage the player. It appears that the Astronaut Zombie brings the player's health down to 1 when headbutting, allowing any amount of damage to down the player after they teleport. If a player is unfortunate or unaware enough to be grabbed by this special zombie, they can escape by pulling back on the movement stick as long as they do it within the first few seconds of being grabbed. However, for about a second or two after being freed from its clutches, the Astronaut behaves like a typical zombie and swipes at the player, causing normal damage typical of average zombies. Astronaut Zombies do not react when shot, and they move very slowly, similar to a Napalm Zombie. Astronaut zombies will spawn alongside other zombies, and do not have a special round. They also have a huge amount of health, which also depends on the round. Shooting them will not get the player points, however, points are awarded upon death.