Anti-Power-Ups are negative power-ups meaning they effect the player or players in a negative way. They are only obtainable on Moon or Turned. The Anti-Power-Ups appearance is like any power-up but with a red glow and a gold object in the centre to show which power-up it is. These power-ups are the only type of power-ups which can't be picked up by the players, insted the power-up is picked up by passing zombies and then it will the effect the players.

Types of Anti-Power-UpsEdit

The types of (known) Anti-Power-Ups are:

  • Anti-Max Ammo:
    • In Moon ,removes all players' reserve ammunition.
    • In Turned, empties the clip of the player's gun.
  • Anti-Perk Reward:
    • In Moon it removes a Perk from every player.
    • In Turned spawns the first survivor.
  • Anti-Bonus Points:
    • Only in Moon, removes a random amount of points from all players.
  • Anti-Fire Sale:
    • Only in Moon spawns the Mystery Box far from the player's location and doubles the cost to 1900 points.
  • Anti-Insta kill:
    • Only in Moon, zombies will down a player in one hit whether the player has Juggernog or not.
  • Anti-Nuke:
    • Only in turned, the zombie who grabs it will kill the live human and become the survivor.
  • Anti-Double Points:
    • Only in turned, zombies earn a double points bonus.